Posh & Pampered

Spring is in full swing in Charleston and I’m ready to get back out and get gussied up. Making the effort to get ready and go out has become a sacred ritual. So getting posh and pampered at The Pink House was so fun!

Some of us are prioritizing our beauty and style choices now more than ever. I think we’re all so over this casual culture we’ve been living in for the past year. I jump at the chance whenever I have an opportunity to get my hair and makeup done now! Even if it’s a “casual” dinner out with friends.

I recently visited The PinkHouse the newly renovated and rebranded salon (formerly Salon Vari) located on Cannon Street. This pink themed parlor of delights has some of the most talented hair and makeup artists in the Lowcountry.

From the outside it might be a white house but when you enter inside there are pink details everywhere. The funky wallpaper, modern fixtures, luxe furniture and drop dead gorgeous lighting are some of the visual eye candy.


Including in the posh experience is the full menu of drinks that they serve you. From lattes to champagne, they keep the good vibes flowing. Follow them on social and check out their website for a full list of services including off site offerings for weddings and photo shoots.

I was fortunate enough to have a NYC connection with Rachel Stewart the new co-owner of The PinkHouse. She worked in marketing for Martha Stewart and is now utilizing her skills and talents to make The PinkHouse a roaring success with her partner Alyssa Godwin.

Speaking of posh and pampered, I had to wear some of my favorite jewels from Croghan’s Jewel Box. This Blue Topaz ring combo is so vibrant.

I love wearing stones that have a symbolic meaning and Blue Topaz is associated with loyalty and love, and represents eternal romance and friendship. All the things that are pillars in my life.

How sweet is this custom tote by The PinkHouse? Their logo and branding is the cutest!

Laura Reed of Margerite & Motte joined me for a morning of pampering getting ready for a Lowcountry Live segment for The PinkHouse. The really did think of every detail including this neon sign to take selfies in front of.

This place is also perfect if you have an event that you’re getting ready for with the girls or a bachelorette party.

Crystal Snap Hair Clips from Belle Fixe

More gorgeous jewels from Croghan’s Jewel Box including this stunning Malachite ring. Did you know that Malachite alleviates negativity, and helps to enhance overall well-being like your immune system, your respiratory system, and your energy levels?

It also clears and activates the chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance. The vibrant green gemstone is striking and makes a statement with any outfit. Follow Croghan’s Jewel Box on social for frequent new arrivals and their upcoming trunk shows in May.

Hair pins by Belle Fixe
Photography by Nicole Mickle / Hair by Vivienne and Makeup by Rachel Coleman Long at The PinkHouse

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Posh & Pampered

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