Halloween House Party

Halloween is my favorite time of year because it’s the day after my birthday and I grew up having the most fun costume birthday parties. My parents always encouraged creativity and loved a good party so it’s in my DNA to continue the legacy. As an event host and influencer in the Charleston community there’s nothing that makes me happier than to see my people have a great time and partner up with brands for activations to raise brand awarness.

This was the second year to throw my annual Halloween House Party at Taco Boy on Folly Beach and we slayed it! The venue is perfect to have an outdoor dance party and when they have 3 bars and yummy Mexican food you can’t go wrong. Thank you to our drink sponsors @bacardi @greygoose @patron and @tequilacazadores who created custom craft cocktails that were spooktacular!

The theme was action figure so I encouraged people to dress up as a super-hero or anyone that has been memorialized as an action doll. People really ran with the theme and I loved seeing how imaginative and creative everyone was. I’m a big fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies so it was easy to decide that I was going to be Gamora and Gus would make a great Drax. Getting into character is what I do best and it’s very important to make sure I look authentic from head to toe. We went the extra mile and had our makeup done by a professional makeup artist @kmk.creations and it was so worth it! She did an amazing job and I think bright green looks good on me:)

Music always sets the mood and the vibe and I was sure to book my people DJ Sista Misses, Duwayne Motley, and live vocals by Zandrina. Duwayne Motley is a local house music DJ and producer and has teamed up with Zandrina on several songs that he has produced. Hearing her beautiful voice sing with hot beats is always a treat to hear. The crowd loved it and we danced the night away.

A Taco Boy Halloween party isn’t complete without the big costume contest. This year was a $1,000 cash prize and the winner was Medusa. She was was all in with prosthetics, body paint, and a custom headpiece and dress. I can appreciate the effort she put in and the crowd did too. I used an applause-o-meter to measure whomever got the loudest cheer and applause because I never want to be biased with too many friends in the crowd.

It was a close call but then runner up was my friend Laura Staiano who made her Zombie Barbie costume.

The best couple went to Batman aka Bruce Wayne’s dead parents. They received a fun-filled goodie basket from Badd Kitty.

If you want to recreate the spooktacular drinks we had at my party here are the recipes:

Dark & Stormy Night

1.5oz Bacardi Black  .75oz lime juice  

4oz ginger beer  

Garnish with lime wheel  

Poltergeist Potion 

1.5oz Patron Reposado 

.5oz Triple Sec 

1oz lime juice  

.5oz Blackberry Syrup  

Muddled blackberries  

Wake The Dead

2oz Grey Goose 

1oz Cazadores CafĂ©  

1oz Cold Brew  

2023 Halloween House Party was one for the books and I can’t wait for the next one to make it bigger and better!

Photos by Dan Steffy.





Halloween House Party

  1. Andi says:

    Most amazing party with the best people, stellar costumes, outstanding music and the most incredible host!

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