Morph Clothing – One Dress 60 Ways

Chances are you’ve probably seen me in a Morph dress. Online, out on the town, at the grocery store, or at the beach. Yes, it’s possible to own one piece of clothing that’s appropriate to wear pretty much anywhere. I’ve been collaborating with Morph Clothing for over a year and it’s been a wild ride. I was captivated by this one dress worn 60 ways and the designer and founder Cristy.

Yes, you heard me right, one dress that can be worn over 60 different ways which includes turning it into a top and a skirt. Want to minimize your closet and make your wardrobe work for you? Well, this is the answer. The modal fabric that I’m wearing here is made out of bamboo so it doesn’t stretch out, fade, or pill. Bamboo is a sustainable material that is also good for the earth. This Eco-conscious and fashion forward brand is also size inclusive, great for maternity and bridesmaids. They carry it up to a size XL which fits a size 24.

These are just some of the ways you can wear it and clients are coming up with new ways every day. You can do so much with the sleeves including twisting them for a thinner strap look. The length can also be changed from long, mid, short, and mini.

Caribbean Blue Modal Capsule dress

Designer Cristy Pratt of Morph Clothing pictured here is a self-trained designer and took a year to get the design right. She sold her first dress literally off of her back at a party and her friend left wearing it while Cristy wore her friend’s clothes home. Flash forward to a few years later and Morph is being sold all over the world thanks to one viral video we took in Brooklyn last August. It’s now up to 29 million views and 312,000 shares worldwide on Facebook! Even Meryl Streep shared the video on her Facebook page this summer and the video picked up momentum again. The power of social media is pretty incredible.

Lapis Blue Capsule Dress

It’s not just Cristy morphing the dress on the street that people are drawn to, it’s her magnetic personality. These days it’s not enough to just have a unique product that speaks for itself, but it’s the person behind the brand that people want to support. Morph Clothing is not just a one trick pony. There’s also a Nomad Wrap that can be worn several different ways and a convertible jumpsuit/pants that will be rolling out for fall.

Fiery Coral Capsule Dress
Model Jordan Stone at Tout Models

I always love the opportunity to style Morph’s seasonal lookbook shoot. For this summer we shot at Wild Dunes Resort and took advantage of the beautiful atmosphere. Thank you to Holst & Lee, Beck Bags, Aerosoles and Nectar Sunglasses for the fun accessories to play with!

Saffron Modal Capsule Dress

My good friend and influencer Julianne Taylor always adds some extra pizazz to the Morph dresses. It’s not a Juju shoot until she brings her props!

Peony Modal Capsule Dress

And VoilĂ  this same dress turns into a skirt!

Mint Julep Modal Capsule Dress
Nomad Wrap in Luxe
Lapis Blue Capsule Dress
Photography by Nicole Mickle

I’m honored to be the Morph Clothing resident stylist and we’re offering free 20 minute virtual style consults. I’ll show you the full collection and the different ways to wear the Capsule Dress in the comfort of your home. Book your appointment today!

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Morph Clothing – One Dress 60 Ways

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