Spirits & Spells! Halloween Costume Ideas at Citadel Mall

My favorite time of year is here and even though we’re deep in this pandemic, we still have to celebrate Halloween. My birthday is the day before Halloween so I grew up having costume parties and dreaming about what I was going to be every year. Halloween is a time to escape your normal everyday life and become your alter ego. What better way to create a fantasy where you can forget all the crazy things going on in the world and have fun? I got a lot of costume ideas at The Citadel Mall – clothes that I could turn into costumes and some costumes to dress up my friends.

Last Monday I invited my friends over for a fun Halloween photo shoot and a Lowcountry Live segment. With the Covid restrictions we couldn’t have models in the studio to do a live taping so we pre-taped it at my house. I love decorating for Halloween so I was happy to host it. It was a battle of Good vs. Evil. I was the Evil Queen Grimhilde of Snow White. When you’re a good girl in real life it’s fun to be bad.

The dress and necklace is from Dillard’s and the cape and crown are from Hokus Pokus at The Citadel Mall. Hokus Pokus recently moved into the mall where VIctoria’s Secret was and have so many great ideas to choose from.

Laura and Amanda from Silhouette on SIte came over and got all of us ready. They always do a fantastic job of taking my direction and bringing everything to life. They are so fast and and so much fun to work with. Focusing on weddings and photo shoots, this team always comes prepared and are ready for anything. They did such an amazing job getting me and all my models into character. If there’s anything that you can do to elevate your look, it’s hiring a professional hair and makeup team.

Nails by Lunula Nail Lab

My dear friend Anna Stahl Senise is always ready to dress up and have fun in front of the camera. Her spirit animal is a fierce feline and she played the part well. The leather dress and boots are from DIllard’s and the accessories are from Hokus Pokus at The Citadel Mall.

Liza Malia took all of these pictures and she is looks just like Wonder Woman so it was an easy costume to pair her up with.

Costume from Hokus Pokus at The Citadel Mall
Plant design by Meeting Green

My little neighbor Annie is a spitfire and she reminds me of Rey of Star Wars. She took that role and ran with it. Doesn’t she look like a little Jedi?

The Citadel Mall usually has a Trick or Treating in the mall but this year they’ll have a “Grab & Go” where they’ll be giving out bags of goodies to the kids. Don’t miss out on this daytime event on Halloween day October 31st from 1-3pm.

Costume from Hokus Pokus at The Citadel Mall
Photos by Liza Malia

Even my son Sebastian got into the mix dressing up as a ghostbuster ready to get slimed. His costume is from Hokus Pokus too and it comes with this blow up proton pack.

Be sure to watch my Lowcountry Live segment and see all these costumes in action.

Here’s some other fun costume ideas. These are great examples of turning an everyday outfit into a costume. Whether you’re time travelling into the past or the future, Dillard’s at The Citadel Mall really does have it all.

Pick a theme and get creative. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite movies and I loved putting a spin on a devil wearing Prada perfume. The movie was based on Anna Wintour the Editor at Large at Vogue.

With Halloween a week away and not much time to order your costume online you might as well head to The Citadel Mall and get creative!

Photos by Kim Graham

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Spirits & Spells! Halloween Costume Ideas at Citadel Mall

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