Golden Isles Getaway

Golden Isles Getaway – We started out our Thanksgiving week with a trip to the Golden Isles of Georgia and came back filled with gratitude and a greater appreciation for living in the South. After living in Charleston for 15 years, we can’t believe we’ve never ventured to Jekyll and St. Simons Islands. The landscape is very similar to the Lowcountry but these islands tell a different story.

The trip down was a little over 3 hours and our first stop was Jekyll Island. This strip of land off the coast of the Atlantic is dotted with resorts, restaurants, activities, and shopping. We stayed at the Seafarer Inn and Suites right across from the beach. We brought our pups with us and thankfully the Seafarer was dog friendly. They loved the sunset walk on the beach and the great thing about going off-season is that we had the whole place to ourselves.

The chilly air didn’t stop Sebastian from swimming in the pool. Thankfully the sun was out and we caught some rays. The kids also loved their breakfast with the DIY waffle bar and all the usual breakfast staples.

Our first adventure was riding horses on Driftwood Beach. This was Sebastian’s first time riding a horse and I was so proud of how comfortable he was on Oreo and well he managed this huge animal. It was such a bonding moment for both of us to ride these magnificent creatures while taking in breathtaking views. Three Oaks Farm has a stable next to the beach and is the only one who does horseback riding on the beach.

We did a little history tour on our own and visited the Horton House which was built in 1743. I know it isn’t that old to the rest of the world but to us, it was like stepping into ancient ruins. Me and Gus couldn’t resist doing a photo shoot with my Morph Nomad Wrap.

The next day we did back-to-back trolley history tours. We did the Landmark Trolley Tour in Jekyll, which took us around the legendary Jekyll Island Club. This exclusive private club hosted the world’s wealthiest families, notably the Morgans, Rockefellers, and Vanderbilts in the early 20th century.

After that tour, we jaunted over to St. Simons, just 30 minutes away, to the second leg of our trip. We knew it was our only day to take advantage of our history tour on the island so we went for it. We hopped on the Lighthouse Trolley Tour and had a 90 minute history lesson on the island with our guide Dick. He was so knowledgeable of the island’s history and shared some endearing stories of the people who once lived there. Christ Church was one of our scenic stops.

Photo courtesy of The King and Prince

By the time our tour ended, it was time to check into our cozy stay The King and Prince. This luxury resort had all the accommodations we anticipated plus some nice personal touches and more historic tales to share.

Photo courtesy of The King and Prince

It first opened as a dance club in 1935 and they expanded the property 6 years later to open as a hotel. Then during World War II they closed the hotel, transforming it into a naval coast-watching and training facility. In 1947 it reopened as a hotel and has continued to expand and renovate its facilities. They now offer villas and houses alongside their hotel rooms for guests to stay.

Photo courtesy of The King and Prince

We stayed in the Oleander building which had a private balcony. Roxy and Pepper were treated like royalty with their own fluffy beds, doggie treats and bowls. The King and Prince truly know how to spoil their guests, even the furry ones.

That first night we took a walk on the beach and took in the beautiful sunset.

We took advantage of eating right at the hotel that night at Echo and came back for breakfast the next day. I love it when the kids ask what’s on the menu, and I can honestly say everything. They loved their breakfast of champions, a stack of pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

Photo courtesy of The King and Prince

The oceanfront dining room at Echo has the most beautiful panoramic views of the ocean.

We started out with the warm peach and berry parfait and somehow found room for our main course. I had the King and Prince Spa Benny, a twist on the traditional Eggs Benedict with an avocado replacing the English muffin. The next day I had the Garden Grit bowl which is sauteed spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and scrambled eggs on a bed of grits. HEAVENLY and DECADENT!

After all that food we had to take a break and lounge at the pool deck. The boys enjoyed the heated pool and digested all that yummy goodness.

Next we rented bikes at Ocean Motion Surf Co. just a block away from our hotel room. It was low tide so we enjoyed the nice wide beach on our bikes.

It’s only a mile to the Village, which is their downtown. We checked out the lighthouse and even found a Spirit Tree. These magical trees are spread out all over the island and have mystical creatures carved into the trunks. They have a scavenger hunt tour that the kids love.

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We are a foodie family and I of course I did my research before we went so we can plan our meals out. When I discovered that they had an Argentinian restaurant I knew we had to go there because we just can’t get enough of our Latin food. Del Sur was highly recommended by a few people so we set a date for our last big meal in St. Simons. The owner Hernan takes pride in his food and makes sure his customers have a fine dining experience with a laid back vibe.

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The Empanadas are a must! We sampled the chicken, beef, and butternut squash. If you love cheese like we do then you have to get the Provelata which is a healthy portion of Provolone cheese melted with caramelized onions and fresh tomatoes.

I ordered the Braised Chicken over Butternut Squash and the boys had to get the Skirt Steak. We relished over every morsel and Sebastian even said it was the best steak he ever had! Then we had to indulge in the flaming Dulce de Leche crepes. If you have to splurge on any meal while you’re in St. Simons, Del Sur should be on the top of your list. Other places to check out are Hildy’s for pizza and St. Simons Sweets for ice cream, chocolates, and candy.

We got a tip earlier that day about the Pinball Palace and just had to check it out. Located in Brunswick just a 10 minute drive over the bridge, is video game nostalgia at its best. With over 100 machines from pinball machines from the 1950’s to the favorite games of the 80’s, to the modern ones of today. They also had a room of jump castles. For $10 an hour it’s the best time you’ll have whether your a kid or adult.

This week is all about giving thanks and I’m beyond thankful to have this time away with my family in the Golden Isles. I’m looking forward to exploring more next time we come into town and even taking a trip to Cumberland Island. Maybe next time I’ll actually jump in the pool at The King and Prince.

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Golden Isles Getaway

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