Brighter Future

Back to business today, but not business as usual. Our city, our country, and our world have been shaken to the core. Between being on Covid lockdown for 3 months and the perpetual death of innocent black lives, I am taking stock of what is important in my life, my purpose, my impact, and how we can all make this a better world for the next generation. Here’s to brighter days ahead.

The purpose of my blog has always been to shine a light on local businesses and small businesses everywhere. Now more than ever the importance of shopping small affects our neighborhood and our global community. With the power of social media I have connected with so many people and we are sharing information and spreading unity across our platforms.

I was so excited to stumble upon The Pink Figgy on Instagram last month. Meredith posts the prettiest pics of her ’91 pink Figaro that always brightens my day. I knew my first shoot out of lockdown had to include this pink ray of sunshine. I called on my dear friend Lori of Petaloso to create a floral installation and she came up with this genius floral convertible top made out of hydrageneas!

Beckett was one of the first shops I stopped in and I was immediately drawn to this suit dress that is actually a romper. They always have bright, chic, one of a kind pieces that always stand out. The hundred year old family owned Croghan’s Jewel Box always has the most stunning pieces of jewelry that pops. I love to hear that they were able to keep all of their 27 employees working during the lockdown. People were still proposing and celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and baby births. I love playing in their jewel box and each and everyone who works there are the kindest, nicest people.

Diamond & 18K Gold Crescent Earrings / Aquamarine Cabochon & Diamond Pendant Necklace / Italian 14K Gold Tapered Dome Bangle Bracelet / Jude Frances Moroccan Cushion Turquoise Ring / Diamond & Hammered 14K Yellow Gold Ring / 14k Peridot Cabochon ring / 14k Beaded Band / 14k 8″ Link Bracelet all from Croghan’s Jewel Box
Hat from San Diego Hat Company

Beck Bags is based out of Charlotte, NC and produces high quality leather bags that pack a punch.

These groovy shades are from Buru, an L.A. based brand that started making the most stylish face masks during quarantine.

Lightening bolt shades $42 from Buru
Photography Nicole Mickle, Makeup by Bellelina

I also wanted to share this passage by Lesie Dwight. Life is all about perspective and when you’re able to look at life in a different light, hope will guide us.

And this poem by my talented friend Jenan McClain

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Brighter Future

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