A Decade of Curating

A Decade of Curating – I’m celebrating the new decade by looking back to some of my favorite shoots in the early years. I have too many people to thank who helped me out on my first shoots when I was just building my brand and not making any money.

It was an exciting new adventure for everyone involved and we had so many great times along the way. I am truly grateful for these photographers who kickstarted Charleston Shop Curator with me almost 7 years ago. I still wake up full of gratitude that I get to do what I love every day and share it with the world.

Jonathan Balliet is probably one of the most talented and artistic photographers I know, he’s also one of the kindest souls I know. I’m so lucky I got to work with him on many occasions and he always blew me away on every shoot.

My glam squad Elina Mille and Mac Does Hair always kept me looking “Extra”

Jeni Rone Becker of Sea Star Arts was also one of the first photographers I got to work with on my blog. I knew I had hit the jackpot with all of my early photographers. They worked so hard shooting 5-10 looks a session and I felt like I was killing myself, so I know I was asking a lot of them.

Poor Jeni was very pregnant when she shot this “Secret Garden” shoot but insisted on keeping going and we had a blast together. Working with people who have great energy is definitely a requirement. I’m so fortunate all the photographers I’ve worked with have always gone above and beyond and given me their best work.

Tyler Mansour aka Arab Lincoln was a former employee of mine at my boutiques b’zar and Suite Sole. He always had a great eye and foresight into what was “next”. So proud of what he’s accomplished in NYC as a professional photographer.

This dress was a dream to wear for Lori DeNicola of Petaloso. This was my first introduction to wearing her creative floral designs. She is a true visionary with her creations. Photographer Lauren Sykes always brought that polished dramatic edge to her work.

My biggest wingman Clifford Pate was always up for a good time and it seemed like we were always on an adventure when we shot, especially when it was Charleston Fashion Week.

This shoot was a serendipitous one for sure. I really wanted a vintage VW bus for my shoot and the day before, I saw this gem parked on King Street. I found the owner and asked if he could meet me and my photographer @libbywilliamsphotos at Folly Beach the next day. This kind stranger was Jonathan Cox who bought the van to start @onelovekombucha. I wanted it to look like a frozen tundra, and @libbywilliamsphotos totally pulled it off. I love that I get to work with friends all the time and always meet the most interesting people along the way.

I always look forward to the future and welcome all the inevitable challenges and changes. The past several years have been more than I could ever imagine and I can only imagine what’s in store for the 2020’s! Thanks for following along and supporting me through a decade of curating!

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A Decade of Curating

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