Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year so I thought I would have some fun with it by styling my Morph Capsule Dress 3 ways. This versatile piece can be worn over 60 different ways including different lengths. This is the perfect LBD that you’ve been looking for.

Imagine if Little Red Riding Hood was the bad one and stole the Big Bad Wolf’s pup? I morphed into a halter dress style and threw on a Nomad Wrap. This custom red one can be worn just like the black luxe one and you can buy it here.

Photos by Nicole Mickle, Makeup by Elina McLaughlin at Bellelina Studio

I love an 80’s throwback and I’ve always wanted to be a Robert Palmer girl. I just hiked up my hemline and wore a red belt to give the dress some shape. You need that smokey eye, glossy red lip and slick back hair of course!

I pulled the hemline down on the Morph Capsule Dress and wore it as a long strapless style for my Cruella Deville look.

Big thanks to Kendal at Meeting Street Green for decking my porch out with her beautiful plants. She is the plant guru and if you live in Charleston and clueless about plants like me, then she’s the one to call!

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